September 14, 2018
1 Month and 30 days left
until our reunion.
Wecome to the Cuyahoga Falls Class of '68 Website!

It was June 1968, and one of the largest graduating classes in Cuyahoga Falls High School history was prepared for graduation in ceremonies held at The Cathedral of Tomorrow on State Road. 

1968 was a year of turmoil in our country - the Vietnam war was raging and every guy had his draft card.  We all were concerned over college choices, career paths, and the possiblity of leaving our homes and community - perhaps forever - loomed in our thoughts. We would be separated from friends we had grown up with, and didn't yet realize the wisdom and challenge of our class motto "In Ourselves Our Future Lies".

It's been 50 years since that time.  We've all gone our separate ways, married, divorced, raised families, have grandchildren, some of us have retired, some are at the peak of our careers. And some, tragically, have passed on.

The one thing each of us has, in spite of our separation of time and distance, is the fact that we are the CLASS OF 1968!  Undoubtedly the smartest, best-looking, most successful, and most loyal class ever to grace the halls and classrooms of Falls High. We are Black Tigers - forever!

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